Network of Latin-American and Caribbean Women Living in Spain

In 2012, Calala has supported the Network of Latin-American and Caribbean Women Living in Spain within the yearly call for support for women’s organizations in the Spanish State. The support has been dedicated to The First National Meeting of Domestic and Care Workers which took place on 24th March 2012. The objective of the meeting was to make a contribution to improving the situation of domestic workers who live and work in Spain and to strengthen their own organizational capacities, considering the issues from the perspective of fundamental human rights.

The Network has been formed by several Latin-American and Caribbean organizations and individual women living in Spain. It was initially promoted by the Asociación Rumiñahui and the Association of Research and Expertise on Iberian-American Affairs (AIETI), and has soon been joined by other organizations; this alliance is a response to the need of organized and cooperative work to improve migrant women’s situation. One of the objectives of the network is to render visible immigrant women’s contribution to socio-economic development on a transnational level. Their work areas include a) Work and employment; b) Democratic leadership and meaningful participation; c) The right to a life free of violence; d) Integrated health; e) Research for transformation.

In their 2013 working plan, the Network, among others, provides for dealing with the universal right to health of migrant women as they are often left out by the Spanish health care system.







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